Alexander Klevan Art Gallery

Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Lithographs, Posters, Photos



Born: October 1950, Siberia, Russia
Since 1990 lives in Israel

1974-1979 Studied at The Academy for Monumental and Art Design in Lvov, Ukraine.

1979-1981 Teacher of Painting and Composition at the School Of Art Design. Lvov

1981-1989 Participated in General Art Exhibitions all over USSR Including International Exhibitions in Oslo, Norway

1991-1992 Group Exhibitions in USA, Canada.

1993-1995 Exhibitions organized by Safrai Gallery: Needham, Massachusets, Providence, Rhode Island, Indianapolis, Indiana Milwaukee, Wisconsin Falls Church, Virginia Framingham, Skokie Illinois, Rochester, NY Walnut Creek, California

1995 Personal Exhibition “Metamorphoses”, watercolor, oil Safrai Gallery , Jerusalem

1996 Artexpo, NY

1996 Personal Exhibition “Winter Mood” watercolor, oil Safrai Gallery, Tel-Aviv

1996-2001 Exhibitions organized By Safrai Gallery, USA

21/01/2000 Israeli oils, watercolors exhibited in Walnut Creek

3/11/2002 Israeli art brought to El Paso

2002-2003 Blackheath Gallery watercolor, London

2004-2007 Old City Caesarea Gallery, Israel

2005 Personal Exhibition “Beauty Transformation” in Beit Asia, Tel Aviv

2006 “Israeli Art Fair. Temple Sinai of Sharon”

2006 – Persona Exhibition in Art Center. Holon Israel

2009 – Personal Exhibition in Opera Hadasha in Tel Aviv “Time Transformation”